Pet Sitting

Doggydodah has the experience and knowledge to provide the attention you expect and your pet deserves. It is important that you make sure you have chosen the right person to care for your beloved animal and feeling your home is secure while you are away.

Your pets are most comfortable and stress-free staying in the environment they know: your lovely home.

During our visit, we provide them companionship and lots of love during your time away. We follow your care routine and schedule, in detail, just as if you were there! We will make sure they are well fed, exercised and happy. We also follow any command or obedience training, per your guidelines. If they have any special needs such as providing medication or looking after them post surgery let us know.

The extra benefit for you is that you have a reliable person looking after your house whilst you’re away as well. We’ll keep your house and pets clean and tidy, pick up the mail, put out the rubbish – anything we can do to help.

Our experienced staff are totally dedicated to your pets so you can go away with complete peace of mind knowing your pet and your house are in the right hands.

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